Technical Info

Technical information


Parts :

The club has no storage or clubstock for parts of the FIAT 850 Coupé or Coach/sedan.

Some members of the club have diverse parts on stock for their own. So : become a member of the club and use your membership to get more information within the club !

You may become a memebership by asking a registration form at the secretary.

On club meetings diverse club articles are for sale (see tab "Merchandise").

In The Netherlands and Belgium some suppliers of new ore revisited parts fo Fiat 850 are active. You may find tyhem on the Internet. Some of them also advertise in the club journal.

The club has no commercial band with these suppliers.

The best way to find these suppliers on the Internet is by a searching machine like Google or the tab "Links".


Purchasing a Fiat 850

In oldtimer magazines and garage companies who are specialized in classic FIAT's and of course old FIAT's 850 Coupé are offered in our club journal regulary. Call or mail us!

Use our checklist for buying a FIAT 850 Coupé. You can ask the secretary about this.

Visit also our "Forum" page with questions about FIAT 850 or parts or by the tab "Bargain"/ Requests