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On this page you will find our club articles.

Your order can be picked up on all by our club involved activities. Also there is a possibilty to get your order on our meetings.

You may arrange this by e-mail or by phone

clubartikelen Tekst

clubartikelen Tekst

Key hangers and accessoiries

Your order for the hand made key hangers and accessoiries you may send by e-mail to :

Pricelist :

Hand knitten keyhanger with Italian colors € 4,00
Mahonian keyhanger; one side with Italian flag and the other side yellow or blue with with the sign of your car or text  € 5,00
Hand knitten bag hanger; Italian colors with beads € 4,00
Friendships band; cotton with Italian colors (600 knots)  € 4,00
Armbrace with rope knitten with Italian colors € 4,00
Single band cotton knitten with Italian colors  € 1,50