Welcome on the website of the FIAT/SEAT 850 Coupé Club Holland

Made by amateurs of the Italian brand FIAT, specially directed to the 850 model. On this website everybody can enjoy this old model.

On this site there also is a tab with photographs.The meaning is that every member of the club or FIAT 850 amateur is able to place his or her photographs.

Also for technical information you will find a tab .

Of course you can leave (as a member) a question on the forum or  (as not-member) leave a messgage in the category "Requests and offers".

Since August 16, 2015 there is also a possibility to put an image on the forum or in "Requests and offers".

Also visit our webshop where you may find our clubarticles.

We wish you will have a nice visit on our website and maybe we will meet you soon !


The last update of the site found place on March 1, 2020.The webmaster of this site is Jeroen van der Veen.  If you have any questions, suggestions or remarks please mail to : jsjvanderveen@gmail.com (treasurer)